I know you have a choice when choosing your photographer and I am honored that you have chosen me. Photography has become a passion of mine. My art. I have a certain style I gravitate toward. I love shooting on my white background as it's free from distraction and my focus is clear. I also love to capture families in their homes as that reflects them. And I get really excited finding fun, funky places to photograph while out and about. My work tends to be colorful, vibrant and well, fun! I try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible with me and my camera. And while posing is part of the process, I try to capture it all. And really, the less "pose-y" photos, end up being among most of my favorites. This is why you hired me; for my eye, my style, my talent. I am more than a person with a camera, I am an artist. Please let me share that with you!


This is really up to you. And it depends on what you want your photos to say. Are you taking these for professional or personal reasons? Where are the photos being taken? These are things that can determine your outfit. When I shoot on the white background, I like to see people to wear something brighter. If you are taking photos with the whole family, I recommend coordinating clothing to make sure you don't clash, but avoid being all matchy matchy.  


I am happy share location ideas with you and help find the best place for your photos.  Please understand that some locations may require a fee and/or special permission to shoot.  In that instance, any fees incurred and permission will be the client's responsibility.


To answer one the many FAQs I get: Can you Photoshop me? The answer: yes and no. Yes, I can fix errant hairs, make a piece of lint on your shirt disappear, fix that blemish on your face, adjust lighting. No, I cannot transplant your head, make you look thinner, more beautiful/handsome, etc. That's not what I do. While I can do little things to enhance your photos, I will not make major changes that will damage the integrity of the image. We are all our own worst critics. I know I am quick to find many things wrong with a photo of myself. But really, the only person who sees those flaws, is you. Prior to our shoot, we will discuss your "good sides" and all those little details that you either want to show off or hide. I try my best to make sure that everything is in place so we don't have to do too much editing.

Can I have RAW/unedited images?

No. I tend to take a lot of photos during a session. I carefully cull through those images to select the best of the best and delete the rest. Images deleted include, duplicates, blurry or technically unusable images, and unflattering images {blinking, etc}. The images I deliver are a reflection of my work and brand and the best of YOU! I will not deliver anything that doesn't show that. Photographer Caleb Kerr explains this topic best, and frankly, I cannot say it better myself. See the reasons why I do not deliver RAW/unedited images HERE.

Mother Nature:

She can be a pain on my schedule! Since I cannot control the weather, sometimes shoots will need to be rescheduled. These scenarios will be handled on a case by case basis.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my shoot?

Hey, I get it! Sometimes things happen and we need to reschedule. Please give me AT LEAST 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. I tend to keep booked and often have to turn down clients because of my time constraints. The more notice I have if you're unavailable the better so I can offer that spot to someone who is patiently waiting for it.  :)

What are your rates?

Please contact me for current rates and packages.

Delivery of digital images and Prints/Products:

Once your images are ready {usually within 10 days of your session}, I will email them to you via a private password protected link. From here you will be able to download, share, order prints and products. The prints and products offered are a high quality and I highly recommend, but you are under no obligation to purchase from here if you wish. I can recommend other printing services that can deliver high quality prints. In other words, please do not print these images up at your local drugstore.

Sharing + Social Media:

Feel free to share your photos on any social platform. If there is any reason I feel the photo should not be shared {usually because of editing purposes}, I will let you know. In addition, I may use your photos on my website and photography social media accounts. If you have any issues with me doing that, please let me know.