What's Black + White and Red on the Soles?

Leggings + Louboutins

What's black and white and red on the soles?  My new leggings and Louboutins, of course! In my latest edition of L+L I am sporting my new "dripping" leggings and black Mega Vamp Louboutin heels. Since I have an affinity for witty-worded shirts, I couldn't resist this gem I found while baking in the sun as I waited for my daughter's cheerleading squad to perform at our neighborhood crawfish boil. Naturally, after spending a day in the heat, I like to come home, throw on my heels and start redecorating the house with black paint.

Now this is sounding like a fashion blog. If you're not familiar with this series, you can see more HERE and previous blog posts. But to summarize, I have a shoe addiction. And what better way to feed the monkey than to get creative and make some art? Having personal projects like this to work on continue to keep me inspired. Often, I get in a creative rut when I'm not working or even working too much. It's important for artists to have something that is "solely" {see what I did there?} their's in order to keep motivated professionally.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Leggings: Society6 | Top: Haute Dimensions

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