Once again, long time no see.  My blog has taken a back seat this summer as our family was struck with tragedy a few months ago.  But this isn't the place to hash out those issues.  Summer fun in the sun has been put on hold indefinitely but life still must go on and we have to find ways to make the most of it even in unexpected situations.   One big theme for the summer has been FOOD!  

Some of my favorite peeps who I work with have shifted gears to incorporate lifestyle into their fashion blogs.  These have been fun collaborations as we get to work with awesome and talented people and as an added perk, eat the food we shoot!  I was with my gal pal Lyndsey after shooting with the amazing Margaret Bravo and I was shoving the most delicious fried chicken in my mouth while in the car.  

While at home, we have been coming up with wonderfully weird ice cream flavors and making homemade ice cream.  Putting that Mothers' Day gift from my husband to good use!  We've made cake batter, circus animal cookie, waffles + maple syrup, and Lucky Charms ice creams to name a few.  If it's odd and cannot be bought in a store, then chances are I want to make it!  The kids love it!

Time has also been spent baking cookies with my friend, Alyssa.  We've been experimenting, failing/succeeding and having fun creating sugar cookies.  We cannot figure out how the pros do it!  ;)  My husband and I have done a few short road trips and I am the annoying person taking the food pics - #weusedtoeatourfood now we just take pictures of it.  He's the best Instagram Husband anyone could ask for.

Most importantly, we have been eating our creations and those of others and trying to make the most out of our lives and savoring the little things.  Food photography isn't my specialty but it has brought us joy and it's nice to have a new muse to photograph.

Photos from the top down: The greatest cheese fries ever from Shady Grove in Austin, TX | Delicious bites by Margaret Bravo | More delicious bites by Margaret Bravo {for L. Avenue} | Fries + Flatbread Pizza from La Table in Houston, TX {for L. Avenue} | Macarons from La Table, Houston, TX | homemade Circus Animal Cookie ice cream | homemade Waffles + Maple Syrup ice cream | homemade Lucky Charms Cereal ice cream | homemade Cookies + Cream ice cream

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