You know those times when your friends come over to your house and take a pair of scissors and start chopping off their hair?   Yeah, happens all the time. I don't remember at what point my pixie-haired friend's hair grew longer than mine but one day she had had enough. 

Sarah was ready for her short hair back. But before any hair appointment was made, we took the opportunity to be creative with removing the locks. I love Sarah's bravery. Not sure I have the guts to take a pair of scissors to my hair and just start snipping away. As I captured Sarah shedding her red locks, there was a sense of renewal and rebirth. Cutting off the dead and excess, starting fresh and new.  

I chose to have these images in black and white as I love the darkness in this scene. Sarah is always deep and poetic in her words and I wanted to share that darker side. We all have it. For this series of images, Sarah wrote the piece of poetry here. Thank you Dear Sarah for your friendship and sharing this experience with me!


















I painted the outside colorful and bright,

and wore my long mane like a basque.

It's all a glamor hiding sludge within; 

darkness behind light eyes & shadow below fair skin,

an elaborately maintained mask.


So I kept up the con until I collapsed,

then took shears to my pride and vanity.

I cropped the self-loathing tress by tress,

and turned toward the camera to confess

the despair of my own inanity.


The weight off my neck, my shoulders bare

A glimmer of Grace with my muted prayer.


-Sarah Meir



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