Trend Guide 2018

As each new year begins, there is one thing that has kept me hitting the ground running for the past few years.  And that thing is the A Couture Cause event!  We have an amazing team who put together this amazing fundraiser and it has definitely become like another child to us! Ha!

This is year the A Couture Cause Launch Party was held at the new Big Brothers Big Sisters building near Downtown Houston - another new stunning venue with the best view of Downtown!

The Trend Guide has quickly turned into a passion project of mine.  In 2001, my brother-in-law, Ben Ling, passed away after his battle with Chondrosarcoma.  In the years since his death, not only have I joined his family but also joined their efforts by helping raise funds for research and housing for not only sarcoma, but now all forms of cancer.  Using my camera skills to raise money for charities like these is a no brainer.

It is not rare for any of us to be touched by cancer.  And if you haven't been directly impacted {whether you have fought this disease or someone close to you} you know someone who has. Houston has one of the largest cancer treatment centers in the world yet one thing it doesn't have for the many cancer patients and their families who come to seek treatment from all over - housing.  You can learn more about ASCF {linked below} and how they help families seeking cancer treatment here in Houston.

Our charities benefiting from this year's event are A Shelter for Cancer Families {formerly Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation} and Youth Hope Association. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Harvey Relief Fund.  These charities are very important to us and the people they serve.  

We are thankful for the continued support from our loyal sponsors Tootsies, Vintage Contessa & Times Past, Abejas, BAANOU, Monkees of Houston, Neiman Marcus, Zadok Jewelers, Branche, Andrea Montgomery Designs, Melissa Sugulas Style to name a few. Without these sponsors, our Trend Guide would not be possible.

You can see the 2018 Trend Guide below along with links to party!

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