The Scout Guide Houston - VOL. 4

The Scout Guide Houston Vol. 4

So excited to share that Volume 4 is OUT! I wanted to give big props to TSG Houston Editor, Patti Mackey.  She has gone above and beyond to make this book happen. It turned out beautiful, so great job, Patti! It was an honor to get to work on Volume 4. It was hard work, but a labor of love! And oh how satisfying it is to see it come to fruition!

Reflecting over everything, all our shoots were so fun and I had the opportunity to meet and work with some really awesome Houstonians. One of my favorite things about this volume: it is full of vibrant COLORS! Nothing makes me happier than filling my space with a rainbow!

I highly recommend picking up a copy of the new TSG VOL 4 and you can also support some amazing local businesses, including, Back Row Home, Becks Prime, Bering’s Hardware, Cacao & Cardamom, Caroline Bean, Carrie Colbert, The Carson Group, Chateau Domingue, Creative Tonic, Granduca Hotels, Heidi Houston, Hibiscus Linens, Houston Polo Club, Kellie Morley Art, Lam Bespoke, Little Coterie, Magpies Gifts, Marie Flanagan Interiors, Monocle Premier Eye Care, NFIB, Nick Finnegan Counseling Center, Page Gregory Matthews, Paloma & Co., Raintree Boutique, Savannah House, Shabby Slips, Traveluxe Official, Tutu & Lilli, The Vintage Contessa & Times Past, Weidner & Hasou Co.

The Scout Guide is a beautifully printed publication found in more than 60 cities nationwide. It’s “dedicated to living beautifully, living well, and living like an insider—wherever you are.” Not only are they pretty on the inside, they look great on a bookshelf once you start a collection of multiple cities and volumes. Ha!

In order to grab your own copy Volume 4, you may visit any one of the fine distributors listed below or contact The Scout Guide Houston Editor, Patti Mackey at

Patti Mackey, Editor | The Scout Guide Houston

Patti Mackey, Editor | The Scout Guide Houston

TSG Spread

TSG Volume 4 distributors:

Bering’s Hardware


Polo Club of Houston

Monocle Premier Eye Care

Back Row Home

Page Gregory Matthews

Hibiscus Linens

Hotel Granduca Houston

Paloma & Co

Vintage Contessa and Times Past

Shabby Slips

Tutu & Lilli

Savannah House

Chateau Domingue

RainTree Boutique

The Carson Group

Caroline Bean Compass

Cacao & Cardamom

Carrie Colbert

Weidner Hasou & Co.