Perfectly Imperfect

Djambov Family

I am in the midst of the busiest season ever!  Life has been working 7 days a week these past few months as everyone has been getting their family holiday photos snapped.  It has been non-stop and exhausting but very rewarding as these families become art.  One of my favorite shoots of the season was actually one of my neighbors.  Over the past year and a half I have been shooting a lot of fashion on graffiti walls.  My neighbor, Leigh, was keeping track of an art mural project going on around downtown and thought it would be fun for family photos this year.  Leigh and her husband, Ivo, have three precious little boys and one morning we headed out to shoot.  Now, like most children I have photographed, including my own, these little gentlemen were determined to do their own thing.  When you photograph more than one child during family sessions, it's like herding cats.  And throughout our whole shoot I'm not sure we actually ever got the whole family looking at the camera in one image.  But you know what?  It's really not shocking, and frankly looks perfect that way.  Whether they were looking away, not smiling, or had snot dripping out of their noses, their essence was captured.  One of my favorite images of this family was perfectly imperfect: Mom and two boys sitting at the table in the background {all blurry} while waiting for the youngest {facing the wrong way} and dad {in the window reflection} to join them.  Hey, at least they were all in the frame!  Thank you, Leigh, for letting me spend time with you and yours and capture these perfect moments!

Traci LingComment