Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor

I just spent a fantastic few days in New York City for Fashion Week.  A photographer's dream!  And whether it's Fashion Week or just New York City itself, there is so much to photograph.  Pretty much every single corner is picturesque.  There is so much that it is almost overwhelming.  The best part about this trip is that I went with my dear friend, Lyndsey Zorich, the fashionista behind L. Avenue blog.  We kept so busy with shows, presentations, photo shoots and designer meetings.  

In NYC, anything goes.  Dress up, dress down, it doesn't matter.  And I really, really love that.  Let's just say, as a photog it's really hard to traipse around NYC with your heavy 1D Mark IV in your Valentino bag.  I was trying to figure out how to be stylish and functional.  Seriously, Valentino - make a camera bag!  

Equipment lugging in progress...

Everyday was non-stop shooting.  One morning we met up with Houston blogger Carrie Colbert of Wear Where Well, Dallas photographer Justin James and Chicago's own Rosie Clayton, and we hopped over to Brooklyn to be in our element of shooting on colorful walls.

There was so much fashion!  But not everything about this trip was glamorous.  Let's talk about the dark side.  After the Tibi show we had to mend Lyndsey's blistered feet from her Saint Laurent boots and I had a pair of Louboutins just fall apart in our hotel lobby.  Fashion casualties. I'm pretty certain we got all our steps in every day.

Our days here have been highly productive and exhausting!  We haven't wasted a minute.  And now the time has come to begin culling through my thousands of images and begin post-processing and delivering.  

A big thank you to Lyndsey for putting up with me and taking care of me.  We are a TEAM!!

Honorable mentions to Monkee'sCakewalkTootsies, Mignonne Gavigan, + Buru who all made our trip all the more fun!

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