Mukul Resort

Mukul Resort

Vacationing in Nicaragua was never on my radar until one slightly inebriated bid on an auction item. The year was 2015, my family attending the annual Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation Catwalk for a Cure. We were having a good time, supporting an important cause then suddenly we realize my dear mother-in-law was the highest bidder to this paradise getaway.  The trip was ultimately gifted to myself, my husband and his sister and her husband. Kid-free vacay! 

I wasn't really sure what to be expecting, but after looking up images about the Mukul Golf & Spa Resort, it was a trip we were looking forward to. Once we arrived, we were promptly greeted with friendly and welcoming hosts who made us feel right at home. Even though "home" for those few days was a massive private villa overlooking the Pacific, complete with a private pool. With an extensive list of amenities we didn't know where to start. Tough decisions had to be made, like: "Which pool do we swim in today?" "Do we go surfing, play golf or hit the spa?" Really, the list goes on!

Even with of our timeline, we did all those things and more.  We surfed, golfed, yoga'd, laid by the multiple pools, laid on the beach, watched the sunset, dined al fresco every meal, helped release baby sea turtles out to sea, had massages and sipped on delicious cocktails.  The owner of the resort is Don Carlos Pellas, also the owner of Flor de Caña Rum.  Mukul also has a cool rum room and offers complimentary rum tastings - of course, we did that, too.  

As I said, I wasn't really sure what to expect on this trip.  But not only is Mukul a beautiful, luxurious resort, their attentive staff went above and beyond to make our experience pleasant and unforgettable.  One of the things that stood out was how genuinely happy everyone was - how could you not be happy in paradise?  I felt no negativity and you can tell the staff and surrounding communities and environment are well cared for.  All in all, the trip was beyond amazing and I cannot wait to go back to Mukul! 

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