Lyndsey + Tamar

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to play fashion photog for a friend's new blog!  Let me just say, that this first shoot was so much fun!  A chance to hang out with other ladies, sans children, is always welcome and the best part is everyone is doing what they love which made everything super easy.  

I want to introduce you to these fabulous ladies and their blogs as you will be seeing more of them here.  They have a fantastic sense of style and are are always on the cutting edge of the season's trends.

Meet Lyndsey and check out her blog L. Avenue:

Instagram @lyndseyzorich

Lyndsey Zorich

Meet Tamar and check out her blog:

Instagram: @shoediet

Tamar Mendelssohn

You can see more of these lovely ladies and their style on their blogs!  More to come...

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