Location, location, location!

Lyndsey enjoying her coffee + watching traffic

Every week I look forward to shooting fashion bloggers Lyndsey Zorich and Tamar Mendelssohn.  We have a blast tootling around town doing our thing.  Houston is a photog mecca with so many cool places to shoot.  There are the places we love and go to all the time and others we are still wanting to try out.  One of our biggest dilemmas every week is WHERE do we shoot today?  There are plenty of "cool" spots that have been shot to death and after going to a place more than once, it starts to seem like a cliché.  And that's fine, but we are trying to stand out and think outside the box here.  It seems though that the best places are the ones we just stumble upon.  We have found that we don't really need a huge space either.  The little nooks we have found are the best treasures.  During our last shoot we were driving around looking for our next spot and as we were driving across the Montrose bridge over 59 {yes, it has been photographed a lot} we decided that this was the place.  Of course, we view it through a different angle.  Sometimes it's just so easy. ;) And other times...well, let's just say we work with where we are and what we have and surprises always await us.  

Tamar enjoying her coffee on White Oak in The Heights...we love our coffee. :) 

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