Leggings, Louboutins + The Unapologetic Artist

Early this summer I started a new photo series, Leggings + Louboutins.  I had a plan.  I wanted to do a few photo shoots with friends wearing some funky leggings and fabulous Louboutin heels and make a cute little project out of it.  Fast forward a few months to September - time was limited, kids, work and life were all keeping me too busy to focus on any personal project so my series was on hold.  

By this time, I had also signed up to take my friend, Carolyn's amazing class through The Define School.  The class was called The Unapologetic Artist.  A group of other lovely ladies and myself set out on this journey to create a series of work, something close to our hearts and something that would be published as a collective work in the end.

I wracked my brains trying to find something deep, meaningful and beautiful to create.  Everything I came up with seemed forced or dumb or impossible to execute within my time constraints.  I decided that I would take this opportunity to complete my Leggings + Louboutins series that I set out to do this summer.  Finally, a complete project!  It didn't matter that it wasn't "deep" it was something I enjoyed and it would make me happy to do this.  

My next snag was finding a subject.  As much as it makes sense to photograph myself in my own threads, it's also a process of setting up to shoot yourself and I'd rather not have to deal with that.  Fortunately, my lovely model friend, Alyssa, was up for the task!  We spent a dreary day shooting a lovely selection of silly leggings.  During our shoot, we realized that this cannot be it!  We have too many leggings and ideas that need to be conquered!

So with that said, the show must go on.  This project will never be complete.  Which is so exciting because the possibilities are endless.  There will be no time table but stay tuned for more L+L...

To see more in the series, click HERE.

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