Leggings + Louboutins

This summer I am starting a new photo series inspired by my lovely fashion bloggers. As much as I appreciate great fashion, I tend to dress on the side of comfort. This is how I go the gym. And by "gym," I mean grocery store. And for as long as I can remember, like most females, I love my shoes. But beyond that, I love anything fun and vibrant so when we mix all this together, we get one bright fashion faux pas. Which brings us into this series of seeing just how ridiculous we can dress with our favorite things but without a care of what the "fashion police" think. Of course, I could go on about what we wear is a reflection of our personalities, but to make things simple I have some freaky leggings and some amazing friends who have agreed to be my fashion victims. 

Kicking things off, I couldn't think of anyone better to join me than my creative inspiration, Carolyn. Artist and photographer herself, she shares my affinity for leggings. And not just any leggings - the most outrageous, delightfully tacky leggings. The crazier the better. And of course, we love our red-soled beauties that are Christian Louboutin, and they really make those leggings stand out!

Since Carolyn and I love our leggings we actually own some of the same leggings. Unicorns, Rainbows + Robots - Oh My! And being paired with some neon yellow and hot pink spiked Louboutins, it doesn't get more colorful than this!

Last year, I picked up these psychedelic cat leggings from H&M and sent a pair to Carolyn. We have worn these suckers out! One of the downfalls of wearing this stuff out in public is you definitely get some stares. On one of my errand runs around town with my kids, my pants were definitely noticed. But later that evening after I changed my clothes I noticed my leggings had ripped down the back.  MEOW!! Now, I know it wasn't my leggings getting all the attention that day.

Lastly, my friend is one "foxy" mama!  So we can't leave without sharing just how foxy.

Foxy Mama

Stay tuned for more Leggings + Louboutins!  Images will be continuously added HERE. A big THANK YOU to Carolyn for participating in my shenanigans. You can see her work HERE. :)

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