Hunter Bell + Harrison Bell w/ Project Nursery

Hunter Bell w/ daughter, Harrison

Like all artists, we ride the rollercoaster of creativity.  Feeling on top of our game one moment and striking out the next.  A few weeks ago, I was feeling my work was colorless and without style.  But then fashion designer, Hunter Bell reached out about doing a shoot of her daughter Harrison’s, nursery for Project Nursery.  I have shot some of Hunter’s designs on other clients and models and love her work.  So this was a no brainer!

When I stepped into Harrison’s nursery it was a little dream come true!  I am all over modern and colorful decor and choose it in my own home whenever possible.  So I couldn’t have asked for a better scene.  Not only was it beautiful but it was meaningful.  Every detail was put there with intent from Harrison’s insignia to the art work above her crib.  When the room itself told it’s own story it made photographing it all the more fun.  Harrison was the sweetest, happiest little lady and loved the camera.  You can tell she’s an extension of her stylish mama who is also beautiful on the inside and out!  Thank you, Hunter and Harrison for helping me create more style and color!

You can see more of Harrison Bell’s nursery at Project Nursery.  If you want to see all the latest styles of Hunter Bell check out

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