We spent this past week at my grandmother's home in Missouri. She is in the process of cleaning out her home of 63 years in order to downsize and move into town. Her current home is nestled in a rural area in the boot heel of Missouri surrounded by thousands of acres of farm land. Our family's farm land {approximately 500 acres} is currently planted with corn. I took this trip as an opportunity to bring my camera and capture some memories knowing that this is our last time here. It was such a joy to see my city kids running around in the fields, playing and swimming in the country. It also thrilled me to be able to take such candid shots of my family. 

But this trip was bittersweet and very emotional.  It was hard to see things being packed up and purged.  This place has been in our family since 1918.  It was the house my mom and all her siblings grew up in.  A place where I grew up and spent summers and holidays and played with all my cousins.  For a short time it has been where my children and my cousins' children have played with each other.  We are sad to leave it behind but know that our family will continue to create memories together.  

Traci LingComment