Mr. + Mrs. Davidson


Not sure if you know this, but I typically do not shoot events. But exceptions can be made, particularly for very special friends. Alyssa and I met a few years ago and through working together, hit it off and formed an amazing friendship. And it is no surprise that her other half, Ross, is just as awesome. My husband and I have our friends and are stuck in our ways so finding a new couple to happily hang with is rare. But with Alyssa and Ross, we all connected pretty easily and have a lot of similar interests, so it was clear we had to be friends!

Fast forward through dating and engagement, the wedding planning happened and I learned Alyssa and Ross were getting married in sunny California and it would be a small family affair. I was surprised and humbled when I was asked to photograph their wedding day! After all, I don't have much wedding experience {just one for a family friend a few years ago}.  But how could I possibly say no? Weddings scare me since there is so much pressure and basically the photographs are the only tangible thing the couple takes away from their day {besides their nuptials}. There are also bride-zillas and million things that could go wrong. But I know Alyssa, and she is no bride-zilla and we have worked together enough and pretty much know what we are getting ourselves into. 

My husband and I joined their family for 4 days in L.A. and had a blast!  We explored, we ate, we celebrated, we whale watched, we slept {because you know, we are tired parents}, and we photographed the most special day for our friends. Congratulations to Mr. + Mrs. Davidson! As tempting as it sounds to start photographing more weddings, I fear that the bar has been set pretty high by this one - not sure it can be topped!

Wedding Location: Wayfarers Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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