Candid + Posed

To pose or not to pose?  That is the question.

Every week is fashion week for me!  I love getting to shoot my two favorite fashion bloggers with my Canon {I know, cheesy photog humor}.  Our weekly shoots have been somewhat of a learning curve for all of us.  They are working out the kinks of outfit changes and I'm trying to figure out lighting, angles, locations, and broken cameras mid-shoot {yes, that happened!}.  

One of the things I try NOT to do in all my shoots is make the shots not appear "posed."  Yes, there is a lot of posing going on.  The key word here is appear.  Some of the coolest shots are the ones where I make my subjects do silly things and see what happens.  On these fashion shoots, we jump. A LOT.

It's not necessarily candid but not really posing either.  She's relaxed and having fun!  At least, I think she is.  No one is standing stiff with a stuffy smile.  There's some movement and that adds to the image.

A lot of times this technique works just fine, but my favorite shots are the ones taken when no one is ready.  That didn't happen this shoot.  Oh well.  

Most importantly, whether the shot is posed or candid, do NOT forget the details. ;)   

*To see more from this shoot, visit/follow Lyndsey's blog L. Avenue.  Oh, and you should follower her on Instagram - @lyndseyzorich

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