Audra + Isla

These two ladies are naturals and a pleasure to photograph!  The first thing Isla found when she arrived for photos on Saturday morning was one of the little pumpkins we had lying around.  It turned out to be a cute unexpected prop for this spunky little 3-year-old.  And of course once she had enough, I had to bribe her with my arsenal of lollipops and Tic-Tacs.  My favorite thing about these two were that we hardly posed.  Even when Isla was tired and wanted to snuggle in her mama's arms, we just went with it and it paid off.  In the end Audra found my hat and decided to model a little bit of this Fall's fashions.  A big THANK YOU to Audra and Isla for spending the morning with us and for being their beautiful selves! <3

Traci LingComment