A Day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger: Part Une

Okay, okay.  I post about my fashion blog photos a lot.  But today you get to hear what all goes into these weekly shoots.  Maybe you are a fashion blogger seeking inspiration or just someone who is curious of the process or who needs a good laugh {because some of the stuff we go through is pretty funny}.

  1. Sometimes we risk our life to get "the shot."  Crazy when we are talking about fashion, but sometimes, dancing in an busy intersection can bring an outfit alive.  Fashion blogging can be a really competitive market.  And there are plenty of successful bloggers out there shooting photos with their phones and that's all well and good.  But from an artistic perspective, you can be wearing the most adorable #ootd {outfit of the day}, I won't notice it if those photos don't capture my attention.
  2. Plan! Plan! Plan!  And it will still go wrong. From wardrobe malfunctions to weather to locations not working out and not to mention the dreaded broken camera.  Lyndsey and I did a shoot one day and all of these things happened to us in one day.  We were fighting rainy weather, with forgotten accessories and then my camera broke.  After a frantic time of running around town to camera repair and rental stores, we somehow finished, walked away with better than expected photos and even managed to squeeze in lunch!  Basically, plan for the unexpected and move on.
  3. Embrace the photo bomber.  It never fails.  You do a public photoshoot and the photo bombers come out of no where.  They just want to be part of the fun, so humor them.
  4. Love your photographer. You spend a lot of time with your photographer and things can get personal.  Have you ever seen someone try and take a picture of shoes from the top down? Just use your imagination to picture this position - talk about intimacy.  
  5. Relax and have fun! Lyndsey from L. Avenue says, "Go in with a caffeine buzz and have fun!  Don't get caught up in things being perfect.  The best photos are often the photos caught in between the perfect poses."  This is so true - yes, blogging can be demanding and stressful and you may not always reap the rewards, but if you truly love what you do, having a million followers won't make a bit of difference - just relax and have fun!

Below are some of my most recent favorite images from Lyndsey's {always caffeinated} photoshoots.  Including one of a beloved photo bomber.

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